“Championing Shropshire’s musical talent and shining a spotlight on our vibrant music scene, we foster a nurturing environment that supports artistic growth through events and other community engagement initiatives.”

Our vision is to provide a safe, enjoyable space for everyone of all ages, gender and ability. We create events, opportunities and experiences that nurture creativity, boost mental well-being and drive economic growth.

Working Alongside:

LOOPFEST 2022 (Sat 17th Sept)

Historically, Shrewsbury has had a thriving music scene, but like many towns across the country venues stopped booking original acts following economic uncertainty after the Great Recession. This all changed in Shropshire when Albert’s Shed opened its doors in 2017. David Gregg (Operations Manager) and Jamie Smith’s (Marketing/Events) vision went against the norm and championed original artists.

After Covid this led to the development of LOOPFEST, its aim was to reinvigorate the Shropshire music scene, bring people closer together and supercharge the local economy.

In September 2022, the first LOOPFEST ran on a budget of £3,500, featuring 75 acts across 17 venues. Every single aspect was managed internally by Jamie from scheduling to booking the sound engineers. The event broke footfall records (even pre-Covid records) and many venues boasted record sales.

LOOPFEST 2023 (Sat 8th July)

The second LOOPFEST, ten months later, featured a new stage at Shrewsbury Castle and featured 125 acts across 25 venues – again on a shoestring budget. This free entry event broke footfall and sales records again, but crucially also saw a 100% increase in turnstile usage at Shrewsbury Railway Station. Indicating people are travelling to the event from beyond Shrewsbury.

LOOPFEST 2023 also saw organisers address gender imbalances and the introduction of accessible venues.