LOOPFEST is a one-day multi-venue music and arts festival held in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. We’re seeking out kind-hearted volunteers to make this free-to-everyone event something extraordinary.

Below you’ll find some of the roles available at LOOPFEST.

The following positions are available:

Promotions Manager
Supports the director to ensure all promotions are delivered on time. Also to ensure the programme is available at information points, signage boards are visible at HMV, the Quarry, Everymans and The Square and the Library, as well as any expended promotional material is cleaned up during/after the event.

Craft Manager
Ensures the craft practitioners and venues are communicating effectively. That craft workshops are suitably promoted and attended, and feedback is given. Also will liaise with the three craft venues throughout the day.

Media Manager
Oversee the town centre media plan that includes: photography by professionals and volunteers, the videographer is able to get the shots they require, the studio suite is sufficiently managed and delivered alongside LOOPFEST radio.

Town Decoration Manager
Ensures the smooth running of the workshops leading up the event, that the target festival design layout will be achieved on budget, can be installed safely to Shrewsbury Town Councils standards and cleanup after the event.

Volunteer Manager
LOOPFEST works with volunteers across the team to ensure they’re assigned to the correct team and understand what’s expected of them. They’ll also provide feedback to any 3rd party organizational bodies.

Fundraising Manager
Ensures the pay points are installed and working, and will liaise with the selected fundraising team to ensure delivery of 3rd party fundraising meets the standards expected.

Engineering Manager
Will oversee all the engineers and make sure everything is delivered to the right place at the right time, as well as making sure hired equipment is brought back in after each venue closes. Will work with a team of volunteer engineer support personnel who will act as runners. Also responsible to venues running to set schedule.

Site Manager
Who will oversee the LOOPFEST sites.

You’ll be supporting event managers to deliver the event. Areas you could get involved in include marketing & promotions, media (videography & photography), town decoration, volunteer management, fundraising and site management.

On offer is an exciting opportunity to take your first step into the Live Events industry within LOOPFEST, Shrewsbury’s free entry music festival.

The role

You’ll be supporting a sound technician/engineer to manage a stage at LOOPFEST, you’ll support the engineer in the following ways:
• Discuss artist technical requirements before the event
• Liaise with venue management
• Communicate with the LOOPFEST team for additional requirements
• Support the delivery of PA and equipment
• Setup and install PA system
• Ensure artists are by their stage with enough time to setup
• Sound/line check artists
• Ensure artists finish on time
• Help pack down equipment after the event
• Help deliver equipment back to HQ for count in

If the sound engineer and the support technician feels confident, there may be an opportunity to mix a performance under the guidance of the sound technician.

We’ll be running a number of activities and workshops before and during LOOPFEST.

Four weeks before the event, we’ll be hosting a weekly crafting workshop so that children, parents and adults can have a go at making costumes make responsibly-sourced materials.

On the day of the festival we’ll have three venues running crafting workshops.

The role

Your role will be to work alongside the craft workshop lead to show, tell and inspire creativity in the workshop. The role is ideally suited to someone who enjoys working with children and can lead by example.

To apply as a volunteer, please complete the form below and we’ll get back to you soon.