LOOPFEST Fundraiser at Albert & Co Frankville

Saturday 11th November 2023

Not one to take their foot off the gas, the team at LOOPFEST are back at it and raring to go with another round of LIVE MUSIC to shake off the Autumn chills. A fiver entry lets you see some banging acts and helps LOOPFEST deliver their biggest festival yet.

Starts at 13:00 and goes on until late.


Magic Kev will make items disappear and reappear in unopened and factory sealed tins of baked beans and socks, make lights appear from behind children’s ears and make the water from cups vanish (much to the delight of the brave Mum or Dad standing beneath the aforementioned cup).


An affable, charming and skilful performer, Rowan is a confident songwriter who manages to be both introspective and exuberant within the same song.


What a year it’s been for Adult Play, having been played on BBC Radio 1 and Radio 6 Music, touring around the Midlands and making exceptionally brilliant and genrebending music. Quite simply, they’re one of our favourite bands IN THE WORLD at the moment, let alone Shropshire, and we can’t wait to see them back at it.


Australian rock power trio that plays heavy groove-based riffs with melodic rock melodies. Primarily influenced by Seventies, Eighties and Nineties bands, with a touch of progressive rock.


Heavy guitars, powerful riffs, alt/rock with a bluesy twist. After over a decade of writing and gigging, the two Missing Fingers cousins are about to set the Shire alight with a brand new set full of bangers.


Four-piece original indie band from the Midlands, the Skies are a tight, boisterous melodic bomb.

With big fat choruses and galloping drums, these guys remind us of house parties and first-love summers.


Big, brash, ballsy, and other words beginning with B. The Elephant are self-proclaimed
‘Noisy hooligans from Telford.’ Live, they are a stomping monster, bringing riffs and thumping beats; they are one of Shropshire’s biggest rock ‘n’ rollers.


Ether E (aka Steve Evett) is the head honcho of Albert’s resident DJs. His eclectic dance-filling sets (encompassing anything from indie and disco to hip-hop and house) have been the soundtrack of many Shed nights over the years.


Cantaloop are fronted by the C-funk messenger Dannie Dee with his trussed C-funk doctor 100C on guitar. Alongside the Horns of Plenty who launch their monster horn lines, throwing down phat dollops of funkelicious brass. These elements combine to create an amazing urban funk outfit.


Using two vinyl decks and two CDJs, X Man skilfully combines an eclectic mix of music, encompassing genres such as dub, house, and techno.