LOOPY Routes – Family-Friendly Events

Magic Kev

Saturday 4th May 2024 · 11:00 · Shrewsbury Castle

His name’s Kev, yeah? And he’s a bit magic, get me? So we call him Magic Kev, and he’s gonna be your new favourite magician who also happens to be a kick-ass vinyl DJ. Kapeeche?

Junior Jungle

Saturday 4th May 2024 · 12:00 · Shrewsbury Castle

Let’s be honest, most kids events are shite. Boring, bland, but hey the kids are having fun, right? Well, why can’t you have a bit of joy too Mom and Dad? A couple of hours with Junior Jungle will have both you and your nippers smiling for the rest of the day.

Dawn Powell Children’s Storyteller

Saturday 4th May · 14:20 · Cups Coffee

Dawn tells is a master storyteller, and has a special Greek mythic story about the world’s first robot. One not to miss!